YouMagix : Yet another local search engine

YouMagix, Yet another local search engine with difference. Unlike others like Dwaar which are backed by some sort of yellow pages containing complete local businesses listing. YouMagix plans to get the data from users itself. Basically they plan to become Wikipedia for local business listings. Challenges will be
  • How do you aim to get the users to site initially since the users have no information to find their initially.
  • Same challenges as wikipedia like how will you be preventing the spam. There are greater chances of owner of business listing A editing the values for his competitors business B.
YouMagix is Bangalore based startup in its early stages with less than 10 employees. YouMagix is founded by Subhodh and he calls it - A Unique Social Experiment.

According to Subodh Vinchurkar, Founder YouMagix, YouMagix is a different kind of experiment with user generated content. Content in a domain that has not been tried so far. Content with a focus that shifts from me of myspace & encyclopedic content of wikipedia to "Everyday Human Needs" as a pillar and starting point of content creation.

As YouMagix becomes available to millions, it faces the same power and challenges faced by other user powered platforms. The biggest being to protect and support the productive work of 99% of do-gooders from destruction by 1% brains with inverted priorities. Second, but equally important is of providing open and easy to use platform that spurs contributions from everyone.

YouMagix has taken care of these two key challenges. First, by a robust versioning system to protect the contributions Secondly, technology team has taken extreme care to keep it easy to use by making it available to everyone without even a need of creating an account.

The technology platform also includes myriads of small innovations such as keeping the automated bot attacks away while not causing inconvenience to genuine visitors.

The next generation platform which is expected to be released in next couple of months will take the power of content provisioning, content structuring & administration to next level by evolving a vibrant community around various interests.

In the end, technology is not new but the focus is. The focus is "your everyday needs" and how millions of collective you contributions can make life easy for every one.

Will this social experiment succeed in creating a useful place on Internet?

"You" are the judge. Test drive and let us know what do you think about it. To get more details, you can access background information, research on the concept and DNA of youmagix in about us section of

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