Marketing Trend of Indian Web 2.0 Startups

Unlike most of Web 2.0 companies in the west where the growth is mostly organic, Indian Web 2.0 startups seems to be investing a lot in unconventional marketing. Most of Web 2.0 companies uses things like "Refer a Friend", "Import Contacts" etc which makes more sense as the people they reach mostly happens to be Internet users. But lately Indian companies are advertizing on the FM radios and Televisions. Zapak backed by Reliance has invested heavily in marketing, you can hear about Zapak on Radio, TV and they went ahead using Bollywood beauties as brand ambasdor for the product. Others advertising on radio and T.V include, May be soon we will be hearing 'Laila 'O' Laila...' on radio which will be advertising of 4 interactive ;).
On the other hand are companies like MIH India which is heavily investing money into Internet advertising. MIH which has donated money to the bloggers in the name of Great Indian blogger Hunt was at recieving end for its worst marketing model which ended up with lot of spam on Ibibo blogs. Internet users can see the Ibibo banners everywhere which shows the amount they are spending into marketing but will they be able to sustain in long run ?
India might be only country where web companies are being launched with mass advertising. This may be trouble for small startups and good news for big companies but if people like the product then it may not need marketing and will spread by word of mouth especially for web companies.


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Who knows ibibo might be spending money to attract users to blogs which will be their potential costumers for other products. I think this is something similar to honey pot.

    where spammers are caught in the blogs and the rest of the community can use the other products which is spam free and the popularity of the site grows as there is huge money involved in the process.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM


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