Black Saturday For IT Hub !!

Hyderabad, the city with 400 years of history, the fast emerging IT city of the world has faced the worst terror attack ever in its history and the target were innocent urban youth of the city. Bomb blasts happened at Gokul chat (favourite food hang-out of Hyderabadis) in Koti and Lumbini park (favourite hang out for Hyderabadi couples and youth) and more than 40 people got killed. This incident happened just 3 months after Mecca Masjid bomb blast which claimed more than 10 lives. So has Hyderabad became new terror centre of India ? Who is responsible for this and how can we prevent these kind of attacks in future. While its duty of every citizen to be always alert, the greater responsibility falls on the government.

The government though not seems to be doing anything, instead is helping the terrorists on other hand through their acts. Why was POTA and TADA like acts removed ? Does the police ever try to catch the miscreants who makes the hoax calls ? They should catch hold of these miscreants and hang them so that no one ever dares to do that again. Even on saturday police seems to have got the calls about these bombs but only after couple of them blasted did police got into action and disposed off seven other bombs. Neither can we blame the police for this as the politicians seems to be preventing police from taking actions. These things happens only when Congress is in rule because they can't take actions against terrorists as they are muslims and these guys may lose the muslim vote bank. I have nothing against muslims since all muslims are not terrorists but unfortunately all terrorists happens to be muslims. While the people of Hyderabad were completely shattered by the blasts they were shocked by the statements made by the CM of the state, the fellow claims that these kind of things happened in London and Newyork so does in Hyderabad which clearly shows that he does not want to take any action and they will not be able to prevent these kind of attacks in future. In that case Mr. YSR please resign.
May the souls of all the dead rest in peace.

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