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Prerna Gupta, founder and CEO of - a new social networking site that claims to be “created by Indian youth, for Indian youth”. Prerna was working in venture capital, when she had a vision of a social networking site that would change the face of Internet usage in India. So she decided to quit her job and go for it. And here she is today without a penny to spare but loving her new life as CEO of Yaari. Prerna graduated from Stanford University with a BA in economics and then worked restlessly in management consulting and venture capital until she finally discovered her true passion (bossing people around at Yaari). She also loves bananas, Cuban salsa dancing, yoga and other esoteric things. Prerna has talked to us about Yaari, its future and enterprenial scene in India.

Mallik: What made you become an enterpreneur ?
Prerna: I had an idea that I couldn’t stop thinking about, and I believed I would be able to successfully implement it. I like to work on things that I’ve created myself.

Mallik: Why you wanted to come up with social networking site specifically for India ?
Prerna:I saw more opportunity in India at the time, and I’ve always wanted to start a business in India.

Mallik: Is Yaari looking for any funding ?
Prerna:Not at the moment.

Mallik: What is your current user base and how is the growth rate ?
Prerna: That’s confidential info.

Mallik:What are your plans for Yaari in the future ?
Prerna:To become India’s largest social networking site.

Mallik:How do you plan to compete with newly upcoming companies like MIH (Cafe Ibibo) ?
Prerna:By offering a better product. I believe we have a better understanding of social networking than anyone else in India, and we will use that understanding to keep improving our product and stay ahead of the competition. Competitors may initially get more traffic because they’ll pour in loads of money into expensive marketing campaigns. but when their advertising budget runs dry, their traffic will die. In the mean time, we will succeed because we’re building a solid userbase, based on organic growth.

Mallik:Being an enterpreneur, do you think it’s difficult to set up a startup in India compared to Silicon Valley ? What is the reason?
Prerna:Yes, it is definitely more difficult to start an internet company in India, but that’s obvious. A lack of infrastructure is a huge issue, but it’s also a lack of a large network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and etc. These things are beginning to develop, like Alok Mittal’s, but it is no where near the support network in the valley. However, this is not surprising. This is just the beginning for India. I think we should appreciate how much entrepreneurship is happening in India, despite the challenges. Also, the lowered costs of operation certainly make things easier.

Mallik:Why do you think India does not have any good brand name in Internet or Webspace ? Do you think Yaari will be the one to grab that brand name recognition ?
Prerna:Because Indian internet usage is still very low. As internet usage in India increases, we will certainly see solid internet brands develop. And yes, Yaari will definitely be one of them!

Mallik:What’s your advice for budding enterpreneurs ?
Prerna:Go for it!!! Don’t just sit around and day-dream, do it! Every minute of it is worthwhile.

Thanks Prerna, for the interview. Wishing you and Yaari all the best.

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