Webaroo Releases Product for Mobile Devices

Webaroo, which launched the first version of windows laptop and pocket PC product nearly a year ago has comeup with product for J2ME phones. Webaroo for mobile devices lets you access web content on the go. All you need is a phone that supports Java MIDP 2.0 applications and has a GPRS connection (wireless data plan). GPRS should be enabled on your phone to download and update content. Once you connect to the Internet through Webaroo on your phone, you can download content which is optimized for viewing on your mobile device. Apart from large number of webpacks on different categories like Sports, Technology, Entertainment.., they have services like Gmail, orkut, Weather,Wordnet,Blogger and feedreader. They currently support all phones that provide support for Java MIDP 2.0 applications. Webaroo is free but you will require a wireless data plan (GPRS connection), to download and use Webaroo. This application looks cool and seems to be majorly targeted for indian market with packs on bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai etc. Internet on the mobile phones seems to be fast catching up with many companies joining the bandwagon. Widsets, Yahoo Go, Blue Pulse and Plusmo are other similar applications.

The website url is http://mobile.webaroo.com. The application can be downloaded from http://www.webaroo.com/m

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