[Software Review] Software Testing- On the Go

Webaroo provides technology that helps you search and browse web pages on the go. The software is fast, free and can be used on laptops, mobile phones, PDAs, U3 devices and even desktop computers. Webaroo released its product in 2006 has come up with a newer and improved version. Latest version of Webaroo supports the Windows Smartphone edition and has improved device performance and cool UI.
Now you can mobilize your website/blog so that your friends can download and access the websites/blogs on the go. Creating a Webaroo widgets for your blog is simple 2 step process. You can create the widgets here. Here are few of the popular testing blogs which you can add to your Webaroo and read on the go.

Apart from these there are many interesting Webpacks. Webpacks are the collections of interesting webpages on specific topics. You can see the list of all Webpacks currently available with Webaroo here.

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