Is White Box Testing Important ??

While software testing itself has been an ignored area, Whitebox testing has been further ignored. Many Questions asked by people about Whitebox testing.

- Is Whitebox testing actually needed ?
- Is it Whitebox testing a part of Development or Testing ?
- Why Many organizations dont take up Whitebox Testing ?

Here, are my answers to above questions:

-Blackbox found a problem and you need to localize it. Localizing the problem will be easier using the Whitebox testing. Just measuring the input and output is not enough to test the specs. If the process itself is important, then whitebox may be the way to go. Whitebox also helps in speeding up the entire process. Why have a screwdriver in your toolbox when a hammer will drive a screw? Certain tools lend themselves better to a job, even though another tool might do the job.

-Whitebox is obviously a part of testing and not development. This doubt comes up because in many organizations the testers are people who dont have much of coding skills and organization ends up using developers for such things. Whitebox testing done by developers may not be useful as developer is expected to do some of debugging and testing by default. Whitebox testing done testers will help in finding the bugs missed out by developers.

-Many orgnizations does not hire good candidates with coding skills for testing positions, may be because of pay constraints. Because of which they end up in postion where they can no longer take up the white box testing and white box tesing becomes a part of developement rather than testing.

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