Monkey Testing

Monkey testing is random testing performed by automated testing tools developed by the humans/smart testers. These automated testing tools are considered "monkeys", if they work at random.

There are "smart monkeys" and "dumb monkeys". "Smart monkeys" are valuable for load and stress testing, they will find a significant number of bugs, but are also very expensive to develop. Only smart testers can bring up smart monkeys. "Dumb monkeys", on the other hand, are inexpensive to develop, are able to do some basic testing, but they will find few bugs. Definitely bringing up dumb monkeys is not a dumb/easy task, it also needs some efforts from testers However, the bugs "dumb monkeys" do find will be hangs and crashes, i.e. the bugs you least want to have in your software product. "Monkey testing" can be valuable, but they should not be your only testing.

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