Do you like to loved by the developers ??

Agile testing is the new buzz word in testing industy. Testing from beginning of the project and continually testing throughout the product lifecycle is basis of agile testing. If tester can work with client and help him specify the requirements in form of test cases then it makes tham completely unambiguous. So the test cases are ready even before coding starts so developers can start measuring the progress of development using the number of passed test cases. Agile testing is an iterative process wherein there will be constant interaction between developers, testers and clients.
"Giving the test cases to developers even before coding starts", sounds cool but some testers are skeptical that developers might be writing the code just to pass the given test cases !!!. Well, alternately if testers comes out with all the test cases possible then developer will end up writing code that will handle all the test cases.
In traditional testing, the testing team competes with development team where focus is on detecting the bugs, whereas in agile testing the testing team collaborates with development team and focus is on preventing the bugs. In traditional testing, testers are hated by developers whereas in agile testing developers love testers. But will the testers like to be loved by the developers is to be seen.

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