Test Automation Tool : AutoIT

AutoIT is an opensource test automation tool. Apart from just recording and replaying the scripting language gives a powerful control to automate most of the test cases. Though I never used any commercial software tool, I was wondering why will anyone be using costly commercial automation tools when this tool is providing such a flexibility. To make the maximum use of this tool one needs to have good programming knowledge. Apart from regular Windows GUI test automation, there are libraries to do many things such has parsing HTML content grom browser and then clicking on the required links etc.


  1. Yeah, I found your point convincing. Although the market statistics are different.. e.g. Look at Rational Robot's market share.

    I think ease of use could also be one factor why its selling more even when AutoIT is around.

  2. AutoIt can also be useful for blogging, and automating your tasks on the web. Check out Blogging $100 a Day for information and a library to help you in this task.