Random Bugs: Will they ever be fixed ??

As a software tester, everyone would have faced some bugs which comesup randomly, These bugs will remain in bugzilla (or any bug tracking tool) for long time as developers do not fix them with excuse that bugs are not repeatable. If such bugs are of high importance then finding the cause for these random issues is very important. There is no systematic way to repeat such kinds of bugs but we can always attempt these ways:

  • Check whether the random issue is occuring on just one system or multiple systems, so as to ensure that the issue is with our software and not with the system itself. (Corrupted OS, Missing dlls..)

  • Developers should be logging the stack traces properly, so as to help testers. The cause for many random bugs in bugzilla may be same. By looking at the logs and stack traces we can group all the bugs caused because of same reason, which may increase chances of finding the patterns and coming up with case which consistently reproduce the bug.

  • Envision the system at the larger level so as to find the exact reason for the bug.

Testers face many such bugs in their career and its challenge to find the repeatable case which causes such a problem. May be this is slightly easier for white-box tester when compared to black-box testers.

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