Testers are failed developers !!!

Starting to see a lot of good discussion about what it means to be a test engineer and the practices, ideas and challenges that go into being a successful test engineer. In this post I want to talk about some insights about what I find challenging about this role. Are testers, just wannabe developers? This is a thought that crosses the mind of most people who have worked as testers. Being someone who originally came from that traditional school of thought that testers are just developers who couldn't make it as developers, (No Wonder I made it to testing that way :)) it has taken me some time to wrap my head around the testing job description and grow an appreciation for it. Now I am hooked onto it and think it offers a lot of great incentives not available to a traditional development, such as flexibility in coding, high-level view of the system and a varied type of work across the product cycle. If you are serious about your testing career get in touch with me.


  1. Testers have a chance to work on more than one domains, accross techologies, across industry verticals. Testers need to have a greater perspective on what really is needed to work hassel free. The tester is more creatively inclined as his nature of work demands understanding real life cases and creating test cases to ensure reliability. I feel that a tester has to understand the requirements as much as the devleloper does, and has to continously feedback to the devolpment nd implementation teams which helps him grow faser into project management roles

  2. I feel that testers have to be even better than developers. They have to first check where the developers could go wrong and then fix the bugs. In manual testing it is one of the difficult jobs.
    I have to still explore the job.
    So hope that my next comments would be more precise.

  3. hi Mallikarjun
    Iam a Bsc physics- and after a gap of 12 yrs did my Msc computer science - and during the course - realized coding was not my cup of tea , i find testing interesting - whatever little i hv read on the net - what is the best website to start from scratch to learn abt testing.

    I am interested in making it as a career - any advice /or tips for me???/