Can you be a good Software Tester ??

Many think of software testing as entry level job to get into software field, but that is a misconception. It is actually said that testers need a different set of skills from a developer, but infact a tester needs extra skills apart from the developer. Software Developer is like a student, whereas tester is like a teacher. Software tester(teacher) points at the mistakes done by the Developer (student). If testing is easy job then developers would have tested their software. If the software is build its because of developer, but if software is working as expected then its because of tester.


  1. Giridhar Manepalli8:47 PM

    Wouldn't agree that a test developer (tester) needs additional skills when compared to normal developer. The fact that developers are not themselves testers may be attributed to couple of reasons:

    1.) Loose cohesion between testing logic and development logic.

    2.) Fresh eyes always do the trick. IV&V

    3.) Psychological reason being: Programmers tend to use common datastructes for testing code and business logic code. So, a normal build without testing code would fail.

  2. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Both Testers and developers are equally important for any organization's success.